VISA Debit Card

Your Clarity Credit Union VISA Debit Card takes the place of checks wherever VISA is accepted… even if regular checks are not welcome. Use it for everyday purchases at the mall, the grocery store, the gas station, your favorite restaurant, or for phone and mail orders. The amount will be deducted from your Clarity Checking Account and the transaction will appear on your monthly checking statement.

As an added bonus, Clarity has converted to a live debit card platform. What this means is members with debit cards can expect to see transactions post to their accounts much faster. Here is an example: You use your Clarity Credit Union Debit Card to pay for groceries at 10:00 on Monday for $80.00. You can expect $80.00 to come out of your account by the time you get the groceries home. Day or night, weekend or weekday, transactions you perform will change your available balance within minutes of doing them.

Additionally, this means when you make a deposit or transfer into your Clarity Checking Account, those funds are available on your debit card as soon as the transaction is done, no more waiting for a batch file to be sent out.