Text Banking

This great new product allows you constant access to your balance and transaction information on your Clarity account regardless of the time of day or day of the week. As long as you have your cell phone, signal, and have registered to use the ICU TXT Banking product, you should be good to go!

There is some general information you will need to know before getting started. ICU TXT Banking works on all SMS text enabled cell phones. Once you have registered, no computer is required, nor is internet access. For your protection, this product only works if the request is sent from your registered cell phone and it will only send responses to that registered cell phone. Finally, all messages sent do not contain any personal information.

To set up this great product, simply log into your account online at www.claritycu.com and click on the ICU TXT Banking link on the menu on the left. The system will walk you through the registration process, but so that you know what to expect, below is a short list of the steps:

  1. Read through the Terms and Conditions Disclosure and accept.

  2. Enter your cell provider and number. Continue.

  3. You will receive an activation code via a text message from claritycu@cutxt.com. Enter that code in the box. Reply to that message with the word "ALIAS" in the body of the message. Wait for a reply and follow the instructions on the screen. Continue.

  4. Choose a 4 to 9 digit PIN. Confirm. Select a default account. Continue.

  5. You're now registered to use CCU's TXT Banking product. Congratulations!
To use ICU TXT Banking, simply send a text message to claritycu@cutxt.com from your cell phone.

Below is a quick reference list of the commands needed to receive specific information.

Command Reference Information  Command Reference

Legend Reference Information  Legend Reference