Online Access FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Online Access & Multi-Factor Authentication:

Q: Why can't you simply tell me what my password is or what the answers to my security questions are?

A: For your security, we only have access to the account number and the email address associated with it. We do not have access to your password, which questions you chose or what your responses were.

Q: Do you share my email address with others?

A: Although we have access to your email address, we do not share it with others. We will, on occasion, use it to contact you about happenings at the credit union, urgent member information, or, if you so choose, promotions and specials.

Q: Am I required to answer all challenge questions and choose a confidence word?

A: Yes. The Challenge Questions and Confidence Word are part of the Multi-Factor Authentication required by our regulators. They are in place to help protect you from phishing, fraud and other scams.

Q: Do I have to enter my responses to the security questions exactly as I did during the set-up?

A: Yes. The security question response will not allow you access to the account unless the answers are entered identically. For example, if your initial response was May 06, 2006, the following responses would not be valid: May 6, 2006; May 06 2006; 06/06/2006; 2006, May 6.

Q: Why am I being asked to answer my security questions again?

A: Each time you access your account from a different computer, you will be asked to answer the security questions. This is to ensure that you are the one trying to gain access, as our server does not recognize the computer as yours. Additionally, if you perform a disk clean-up on your computer, you will be required to answer the security questions.